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Office Day porter services

Toronto's most trusted day porter service

Reliable day porters to keep your office space tidy during work hours. We are the partner to make your space delightful!

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CleanThat is the preferred cleaning partner for...

custom office day cleaning schedules

Office day porter services that fit your needs

A busy workplace means common spaces need multiple resets throughout the day. Our team will create a schedule to ensure your common spaces are always tidy for the next team member to use.
Adaptive & Reliable

More than just day cleaning.

Day cleaning, mail collection, vendor check-in and more. Our day porters are there to support your team at the office. They are helpful set of eyes and hands on-site during the day.
"We are extremely happy with the level of service CleanThat provides. You can trust their staff to be very thorough and clean. The microwave and keyboards were spotless, even our sugar bowl for coffee was sparkling. It’s the little extra care they take that make a big difference. Rest assured they will leave your office smelling fresh and clean. We highly recommend CleanThat!"
Christine - PCK
top Toronto office Day porter service

Office day porter services to keep your space tidy

Trusted Cleaning Professionals, 20+ years
Professional office janitorial services with over 20+ years of experience. We are the partner to make your space delightful!
Custom office day cleaning services
Tailored day cleaning services - making sure your office and team get the highest priority care from your day porter
Adaptive and reliable
Our day porter can be your eyes and ears in the office. We can help with other things besides cleaning (receiving mail, guiding vendors, etc.). Just let us know ahead of time and we can adapt our porter's schedule to fit your needs.

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toronto's best commercial Office Day porter services

Office day porter services you can count on.

CleanThat is the cleaning partner you need to keep your space delightful.